"To me there is nothing more exciting than photography. To be able to take a fraction of a second in time and examine it forever is something truly special"


- Brock Girard



A Few Words About Me

I've always been intrigued by photography, art and design. I've been drawing as far back as I can remember. Normally, I was drawing action figures or baseball players. I guess I was designing even before I knew what it was. I would cut out the heads of baseball players' close-ups and paste them to a different card of the same players' action shots. The result was a dimensional big head baseball card. I didn't know what I was doing. It was just fun. I try to carry that same mentality across to my work today. If it's fun, it's not really work.


I've been a graphic designer for over 12 years. That has resulted in learning a whole host of skills like photography, video and audio. Sometimes those areas have to intersect. Since I've spent many years editing photos that someone else took, it only makes sense to start taking the photos yourself when possible.


I'm the Creative Director of a very successful advertising agency in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Most importantly I'm a husband and a father. You learn a lot about life in a short time when your oldest and youngest kids are 16 years apart. Mainly patience.

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Whatever your special event may be, you'll have peace of mind that it's being captured thoroughly and professionally every time.

I've been a graphic designer working in marketing for over 12 years. Because I've been responsible for how photos are ultimately used, I've become effective in how they're taken.

Our families are the most meaningful things in our lives. There is nothing more important than documenting our loved ones as they grow, change and mature.

This is where personalities live in photography. From senior pictures to business head shots, it's an art to capture one's attitude and style.



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